Where SocialDzine began

socialdzineSocialDzine began in 2010 with the soul intention of helping non-profits engage and maintain relationships on and off line.  The mission was to turn them from asking for what’s missing to thanking and sharing amazing things that were happening with people in their communities.  The largest hurdle was helping them to understand that not only is managing social media easy, it’s actually quite rewarding and can generate more leads in less time than the typical marketing tactics such as direct mail and the dinosaur; newspaper.

Quickly, SocialDzine began taking on local businesses that needed an online presence.  Most non-profits and small local businesses shy’d away from the online world because it was presumed over-whelming, time-consuming and costly.  The mission quickly turned to educating and arming small local businesses and non-profits with the tools to compete with large competitors at small business prices.

Where is SocialDzine Now?

Today, SocialDzine is still working with small businesses and non-profits in creating an online presence.  The only real addition is the development of easy-to-manage WordPress websites, graphic design and as-needed virtual assistance.  We aim to provide all the tools and training needed to have an online presence and create lasting and healthy relationships with future and current customers.

Who runs SocialDzine?

#theideagirl socialdzineHer name is Laurie #theideagirl.  Many have coined the phrase, “Everyone needs a Laurie.”  Laurie’s greatest passion is coming up with unique and effective marketing strategies to increase business or awareness organically.  She loves working with local businesses and start-ups.  Laurie knows everyone has a passion and a purpose and she loves helping them make it a reality.

Laurie began working with a local non-profit in 2008 in northwest Indiana.  She saw the need to connect with a wider range in their community.  The traditional way maintained traditional results.  She used to remind them of the old phrase, “crazy is doing the same thing everyday expecting different results.”  Similarity has comfort, security and familiarity.  She never believed that anyone didn’t want to grow and excel but the unknown is daunting and, well, unknown.  Laurie began creating an online presence for all the programs, updating websites and training local non-profits on how manage their social identities without hiring anyone to manage their accounts or adding too much to anyone’s plate.

Today, Laurie maintains that mission and expands it to small local businesses.  She firmly believes that the success and strength of each community in our country are from local business.  Corporations have their place and are needed but small local business spend their money locally and provide local employment.  Laurie manages SocialDzine with the help of freelancers when needed.  This allows her to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

Contact Laurie if you’d like to discuss revising, creating or managing your website or social media presence.