FAQ Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ’s about working with SocialDzine

Below are some FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions that you may have about working with SocialDzine.  If you have a question that you don’t see the answer to or need more information about something, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Payments FAQ’s

  • Do you take payments?
    • We do not take payments but we do offer PayPal Credit and 6 months no interest
  • What form of payment do you take?
    • We take PayPal where you can use any major credit card or if you’re local we will take a check.

WordPress FAQ’s

  • Do you only use the WordPress CMS?
    • We prefer WordPress although if it’s preferred we will use other CMS such as Muse and Joomla
  • Do you build JavaScript or PHP sites?
    • We have in the past.  It is a custom build and not part of our packages.  Email for a quote

Security FAQ’s

  •  Do you offer SSL Certificates?
    • Yes, our packages come with a one year SSL certificate. After the first year you will be auto-billed by your domain host
  • What other form of security do you offer?
    • SocialDzine uses WordFence to secure it’s clients websites.  WordFence offers the ability to block country IP addresses to help stop hackers.  We also recommend creating complicated usernames and passwords along with hiding your author name on your posts and pages.  Your package comes with the free version of WordFence which is your responsibility to keep your block list up-to-date.  You can purchase a KEY for the pro version to permanently block entire countries.  This is a subscription that you’ll need to purchase for up to 5 years and can be renewed.

Maintenance FAQ’s

  • Do you maintain your clients websites?
    • We do offer 30 days of free maintenance and updates.  After 30 days you can acquire as-needed maintenance as a client for $25 an hour billed weekly.  This is not part of our satisfaction guarantee.  Scroll below to see more about that.
  • What if your client doesn’t know how to maintain a WordPress website?
    • All SocialDzine clients will get a training manual and one hour free web conference tutorial on the basics.  If a client should decide they don’t want to hassle with it or don’t have the time they are offered the discounted Virtual Assistant rate and we will maintain the site for $25 an hour billed weekly on an as-needed basis.


  • Do you SEO your clients websites?
    • YES we do.  All Packages come with SEO.  Basic packages come with basic SEO and Premium packages come with complete SEO.
  • Will you SEO my current website?
    • Yes!  You can hire SocialDzine to SEO a single website or hire them as a virtual assistant to maintain the SEO of your site.  See our services for prices

Guarantee FAQ’s

  •  Do you offer refunds?
    • In the event you have decided not to use SocialDzine to continue building your website we will refund your investment minus the costs of hosting, domain purchase, SSL and programs as well as the hours worked.  Example:  $5,000 investment – Hosting – Domain – SSL – 50 hours worked at a rate of $35 an hour = refund
  • Do you guarantee your work?
    • SocialDzine prides themselves in creating Raving Fans.  We want you to be happy.  We don’t spend thousands of dollars on advertising so that we can pass that savings on to you. We will work with you for 6 months past contract date to ensure that what you requested in your initial contract is to your complete satisfaction.

Virtual Assistant FAQ’s

  • How does the Virtual Assistant work?
    • At any time you can call or email SocialDzine and request services such as social media management, website maintenance, marketing, etc… for a rate of $35 an hour ($25 an hour for website clients) that will be billed weekly on Friday by 5pm due by the following Monday.  There is a minimum one hour per request but you are not required to use SocialDzine on a regular basis.