The Mind Made Prison

My review of the Mind Made Prison and why I feel like this book is a must read for everyone.Powerful and thought-provoking

I’ve opened this book a number of times and read many passages.  Most of the time I get to an AH-HA moment and the brain starts churning and I end up going to do something.  That’s how I am with nearly all of the more than 500 kindle books I have.  I typically have a notebook next to my bed so that I can make notes. I’m a serious self-development nerd and I hope that my review of the Mind Made Prison will be helpful to you.

The most interesting part of the entire book was the chapter on Meta-Beliefs. I’ve long since known that people have a set of beliefs that they begin building from the day they are born.  Think of the child that cries and mom or dad come running.  The first belief is that if I cry when I am wet or hungry someone will come to me.  Every single action the child takes builds a belief.  Dad feeds me yummy stuff while mom feeds me icky stuff and makes me eat it.  Dad throws me in the air and plays with me and mom makes me put on weird outfits and take pictures.  Dad takes me to practice while mom stays home and keeps cooking that icky stuff that I don’t want to eat.

By the time that child is maybe 10, they’ve developed the belief that dad is fun and mom is not.  Does that mean mom is not fun? NO!  But when you ask the child why they think dad is fun, it would typically be a one belief answer when deep down inside the child has developed numerous smaller beliefs that built to the one meta-belief.

This is just a small, minor example of all the detail the author goes into about beliefs.  He then takes you on a journey and teaches you to uncover all the little hidden beliefs that are keeping you from creating the life that you know you truly desire.

I offer this book to everyone that takes my course or hires me because no matter how amazing and talented I am, I can’t create your life for you. If you have hidden beliefs about money, success, business, etc… that are not serving you and holding you back, then no amount of talent can over-ride that.

An Ah-Ha moment for me

Here’s an example:  I created a promotion for a client that was brilliant.  We both loved it, everyone we told loved it and it wasn’t going to cost anything other than a little ad money on Facebook.  It was one of the biggest give-away promotions I’d ever done.  I created a beautiful landing page for it and gorgeous ads.

It was simple, she had at least 50 people in her list and nearly 100 on her Facebook fan page and all anyone of them had to do was share the post and tag a friend.  EASY!  It really shouldn’t have even taken a penny in advertising.  By the time 50 people shared on their page and tagged their friend, the reach should have been in the thousands.


No one was sharing. Not her readers, not her followers, no one.  Ok, her better half is someone, he shared.  I was devastated.  I felt like a failure and was so embarrassed.  I was questioning my own skills. Did I have any right taking people’s money to market them if I could even make the easiest promotion work? By the time it was over, a month later, she only had 30 new readers.  HUMILIATING!

We got on the phone that week it was over and we were discussing where she was and what was coming up next.  I brought it up.  II explained that I was so upset, discouraged and embarrassed by the results.  She immediately said, ” OMG, NO!  It wasn’t you.  I swear.  You did amazing.  I should have said something but when you launched it I was terrified.  I was so scared of what would happen if this thing really went off.  How was I going to handle hundreds if not thousands of new readers/potential clients?  I had it in my head that I didn’t want it to blow up from the start.  This wasn’t you.”

what????????? I felt the greatest sense of relief and irritation at the same time. Why did she let me go on pushing, trying, striving for something she didn’t want?  But then I realized my greatest lesson and what I’m trying to teach in my 30 Day Entrepreneur Day One is that if you have underlying beliefs, conscious fears of success or ideas of about with money, you will sabotage yourself.

That’s why I want you to read this book and do the work in it.  Hopefully before or at least during the program.