Why use WordPress?

Over 23% of all websites today are built on the WordPress platform.  According to Internetlivestats that’s 277,380,000 WordPress websites and growing by the second. WordPress is the gold-standard for blogging and quickly becoming the go-to for start-ups and small businesses.  SocialDzine uses WordPress on over 90% of its clients.  Here’s why:

  • Easy set-up, management and updating
  • Complex business features without extensive coding
  • Search engine friendly
  • Mobile Friendly; Responsive themes.
  • 12+ years in development

WordPress is FREE!

WordPress is a free Content Management Site (CMS) that is standard with most hosting companies installed in even the most basic control panel.  You don’t have to know serious coding and there are tutorials all over the internet.  Wordpress also has thousands of free themes and plugins and paid versions that come with great support.  SocialDzine typically uses paid or premium themes from such companies as ThemeForest.  These themes come with great support and forums that allow us to change everything from the font and colors to layout and functionality.  It’s like good quality clothing.  There isn’t a single designer in the world that can perfectly make one dress to fit every woman.  That’s why we get alterations.


Unless you get WordPress from WordPress.com and allow WordPress to be in your URL you must find hosting.  There are a variety of great website hosts available with costs ranging from $1.99 a month to $15.00 a month.  You can learn more about the hosts that SocialDzine uses here.  Using the free version will not allow you the variety of themes and you can’t download plugins.  This is perfect for someone considering a blog for writing purposes only.  This is a similar setup to Tumblr.

Keeping your WordPress website safe

Everything is vulnerable on the internet.  This is just a fact and not meant to detour anyone from starting a website.  Practicing good web maintenance will keep you safe and your website live.  Here is a checklist of things you should schedule into your day, week or month.

  1. Update WordPressthis can be done automatically through your control panel and you won’t have to worry about forgetting
  2. Create backupsagain, depending on your host.  You should be allowed to make this automatic.  Some hosts charge to use their backup.
  3. Update pluginsRegardless of how often you change, edit or add content.  You should log in once a week to check for plugin updates and update them.
  4. PasswordRULE! Change it every six months.  Use caps, lowercase, numbers and characters.  Try not to use a typical word.
  5. Use the Limit Login Attempt feature.  This will lock hackers out after so many attempts.

Last but not least, trust who’s building your site.  Security features should be FREE.  This doesn’t mean a free SSL but you should feel that your site has the latest and most up-to-date security features available and that the settings will optimize your websites security.  Not just for your clients, but for you.